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Best Zip Lining tours in Costa Rica

Zip lining is the most popular adventure in Costa Rica for foreign tourists, this activity has become a boom in our country and more and more businesses of this kind are opening every year. All of them claim to be best and all of them are fun for the people, regardless if it’s the best or the worst zip lining tour of the country; the only real way to know which is better over the others is to do them and compare them. Some people also uses the information on the internet to compare them, but some of them have more technological tools to have more exposure on the web, but that doesn’t necessarily means that they are the best; the best example I can use is the absolutely best zip lining tour of Costa Rica, which doesn’t have much exposure on the web because their tools and exposure in the web is minimal, but with the potential of being a huge business with a better administration…   We as tour guides have done most of the zip lining or canopy tours (as they are also called) of Costa Rica; here is some information about the top zip lining tours in each Costa Rica Destination.

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Overall, the Best Zip Lining tours in Costa Rica are located in the Arenal Volcano area, which is by the way the destination with more parks of this kind. The second best area is Monteverde Cloud Forest or also known as Santa Elena, where there are multiple parks too.


Here is a short briefing of the best parks in each area:


Zip lining tours in Arenal Volcano – La Fortuna area: The Best Zip Lining tours in Arenal are the ones at Mundo Aventura Park, Go Adventures Park, Eco-Glide Park and Sky Adventures Park; all of these tours are done in rainforest jungles. The tours at Mundo Aventura and Sky are recommended for people who are definitely not afraid of heights, because some of the cables at these places are very high above from the ground and very long; so if somebody is looking for an adrenaline type of place this is it! The tours at Go Adventures Park and Eco-Glide are really good for families with kids and people of all ages.

the best zip lining tours in costa rica are located in the arenal volcano area

Zip lining tours in the Monteverde Cloud Forest area: The Best Zip lining tours in Monteverde are the ones at Selvatura Park, Extreme Canopy and Sky Adventures Park. All of these tours are done in the beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest and we highly advise to take the first tour in the morning if possible, because it usually gets cloudy in this area around mid-morning. We also recommend to carry a sweater or coat, because Monteverde is high up in the mountains where is very chilly by default, but with the speed at the cables it gets even colder; or if it happens to be raining it really turns out to be a very cold experience...

the best zip lining tours in monteverde are the ones at selvatura park extreme canopy and sky adventures park

Zip lining tours in Guanacaste: Overall, the zip lining tours in Guanacaste are not as good as the ones in Arenal and Monteverde, but the Best Zip lining Tours in Guanacaste are the Congo Trail Canopy Tour in the Liberia – Papagayo area; and the Pura Aventura Zip lining Park in the Tamarindo-Flamingo area. Both of these tours mentioned are done in Dry Tropical Forest where the vegetation during the rainy season is green and lush but in the dry season is very deserted looking, because all of the trees lose their leaves and the rest of the vegetation is brown-yellow color like.  

adventure tours from tamarindo beach and riu guanacaste

Zip lining in the Manuel Antonio National Park area: There are multiple options in this region too, but the Best Zip lining tours in Manuel Antonio are the Canopy Safari, Canopy Titi and the Mid-World Adventures Park. These tours are done in tropical rainforests, and are located about 30 minutes to one hour out of the Manuel Antonio area, actually, most of the Best Activities in Manuel Antonio are about 1 hour out of the area, towards the mountains of our continental divide.

zip lining in the manuel antonio national park area

Zip lining tours in other regions of Costa Rica: Besides the turs mentioned above which are the most popular in our country, there are other areas of the country where there are scattered zip lining parks where this activity is practiced. Near Jaco Beach for example, there is the Vista Los Suenos Canopy tour, which is a good option. In San Ramon, there is the Canopy San Luis Park, which is a good option for people that want to take tours from san jose. In Puntarenas the Zip lining Waterfalls Park is a good option for people staying near the town of Puntarenas or for the ones coming on the cruise lines. In Guapiles there is the Rainforest Adventures Park, which is the Best Zip lining tour in the Caribbean Part of our country. 

adventure and zip lining tours from san jose

We hope that this information about the Bes Zip lining tours in Costa Rica will be helpful while visiting our country, we wish you a great time on the zip lining adventures and during your whole Vacation in Costa Rica!

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21 Dec 2017
Andrey S