Learn about the 5 Best Activities in Manuel Antonio National Park
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Top 5 Tours from Manuel Antonio Beach

This blog is meant to be of help for those people traveling to the Central Pacific Region and are looking for something to do in the area. Here you can learn about the Top 5 Tours from Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica. There are many activities offered in the Manuel Antonio National Park area, as always, all of them with mixed reviews, these are the ones we consider as the best:

a great tour for a costa rica vacation

Waterfall Rappelling: This one is appropriate for those who like adventure and are in a fairly good physical condition. The drive to the place where the rappelling is done is amazing; perhaps, it’s the most beautiful drive to any tour done in Cost Rica in our opinion. This adventure is done in the Rainforest Mountains near the Manuel Antonio National Park, at about 45 minutes away from it. Once you arrive to this location, the participants would do a few rappels; one of them is actually done in a huge waterfall that is about 80 meters high (240 feet), which is the total highlight of this trip. This particular waterfall is one of the main reasons for this tour to be one of the Top 5 Tours from Manuel Antonio, the views from it are incredible too. 

best adventure tours in costa rica

Mulgury Waterfalls tour: This tour is also done in the same rainforest mountains where the rappelling is done, so the drive is very scenic to get there too. The way of transportation is a little different than other tours because the participants would go on nice 4x4 vehicles where is easier to admire the scenery. Once at the reserve where this tour is done there will be some horseback riding done and some hiking to get to the waterfall. Here is very common to spot different forms of wildlife, so this tour is ideal for families. At the waterfalls swimming can be done too and at the end a typical lunch is eaten in the house of a Costa Rican farming family of this region.

perfect tour for a family trip to costa rica

Manuel Antonio National Park tour: The Manuel Antonio National Park is the main attraction of the entire Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica. Of course this is one of the Top 5 Tours from Manuel Antonio Beach not to be missed, the beauty of this national park is incredible, as a matter of fact, it was rated as one of the 10 most beautiful in the world. Perhaps, we can dare to say that Manuel Antonio National Park has the most beautiful Beaches of all Costa Rica. This park has many trails that can be hiked, some of them easy and accessible to people of all ages and some of them a little more challenging. The park also offers a few different beaches; the 2 principal beaches have an easy access through the main trail, but others like “Puerto Escondido” has a more challenging trail to get there.

manuel antonio national park tour

Manuel Antonio Snorkeling Boat tours: Overall snorkeling in Costa Rica is not that great, and this applies for Manuel Antonio too, but the good part about the snorkeling tours here is that they will take you to see very nice coastal areas that you would only be able to access by boat. The views of these places are incredible; here you can take some of the best pictures in Costa Rica. Some of the tours can be done in the morning and some of them in the afternoon to see the sunset, the sunsets from Manuel Antonio are truly amazing!

manuel antonio national park costa rica

White water rafting: There are 2 rivers where good rafting trips can be done from the Manuel Antonio-Quepos area. The best rafting for class II-III rapids can be done at the Savegre River, which even though is a little further from Manuel Antonio it is worth the extra driving. The other river where rafting can be done is called Naranjo, where class II-III and class III-IV can be done. The class II-III trip is not as good as the one at the Savegre River but it’s still a good adrenaline rush. But the featured tour on this river is the class III-IV called “El Chorro”, if you are looking for adventure this is the right tour to take, and the scenery there is very nice too.

there are 2 rivers where good rafting trips can be done from the manuel antonio

There are many other tours offered in this area like kayaking tours, zip lining tours, horseback riding tours, cultural plantation tours, parasailing tours, surfing tours, fishing tours and others, but the ones mentioned above are the Top 5 Tours from Manuel Antonio Beach; don’t miss out on the best!    

there are many other tours offered in this area like kayaking tours zip lining tours horseback riding tours cultural plantation tours parasailing tours surfing tours fishing tours and others

25 Jan 2018
Andrey S