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Top 5 Tours from San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose is the Capital City of Costa Rica, a place where international business and tourism is growing rapidly. Here an International Conference Center for 10,000 people is being built, as well as many hotels, hostels, Airbnb’s and restaurants; the city is changing rapidly and adjusting to all of these changes. The visitors of this city, whether they are here for business, pleasure or both, will be searching for things to do, so here is some information about the Top 5 Tours from San Jose Costa Rica that can be done while visiting this city.

find the best tours from san jose while touring around costa rica

The visitors of San Jose who come for business just for a few days, or those who come with a little vacation time will find these tours very helpful, because we have designed them to include the most possible that a tourist can see in a single day, for them to explore lots of things at the beautiful destinations. Here is a scope of the best options available for those who want to explore the most of our beautiful country:

a must see destination of costa rica

Arenal Volcano Mega Combo Tour: There are many tours to Arenal Volcano that visit different hot springs’ locations, but all of them are operated in the same way, the only difference is the hot springs’ park they visit. These tours only stop at the Sarchi Oxcarts’ factory; in a look-out point of the volcano many miles away from it; and at the hot springs location included on the particular tour. In our case, we have created a very different alternative to visit Arenal Volcano and be able to see as much as possible of those things that make Costa Rica a great touristic destination around the world, like our waterfalls, coffee plantations, wildlife, volcanoes, rainforests, rivers and culture; this excursion includes all this and more. Arenal is our more popular touristic destination and has a lot to offer that we like to share with our customers. This tour to Arenal offers a zip lining adventure which is the fun activity that all tourist should do while visiting Costa Rica, it also includes rappelling and of course a visit to the Hot Springs near Arenal Volcano. In terms of wildlife the tour includes stopping in a natural bird-watching gallery, in an iguana’s sanctuary and in a place where sloths are commonly observed. Our culture would be experienced while driving by many small local towns, since we don’t take the regular highway that goes to Arenal where there is not much to see, we take an alternative road that we call the “scenic route”, where there is a lot of sightseeing that can be done. Our culture is also pointed out on this tour during the indigenous tribe presentation, where the visitors will learn about the lifestyle and traditions of our native people.

arenal volcano mega combo tour

Monteverde Hanging Bridges tour: We recommend this tour because Monteverde is one of the 3 main destinations of Costa Rica, along with Manuel Antonio National Park and Arenal. On this tour to Monteverde there is a lot of sightseeing to be done, because we do multiple stops to take pictures and experience our culture. As an example of this, we stop in the largest fruit stand of our country, where the participants can learn about the multiple kinds of tropical fruits that we have here. Another stops is done in the house of a Costa Rican lady who has the ability to call large groups of white faced capuchin monkeys from the forest, these monkeys put up a nice show for the tourists by playing around on the bushes. On the way up to Monteverde we make another stop to take pictures of the beautiful Nicoya Gulf and the gorgeous mountain range. Once in Monteverde we go to the Selvatura Park, where the Best Hanging Bridges tour of Costa Rica is done. The trails at Selvatura are always very well maintained and the bridges are the widest and strongest of our country, providing the best experience during the 2-3 hours walk, which is done at a slow pace. This place is the best way to observe the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica, one of the interesting eco-systems to learn about in our country.

monteverde hanging bridges tour

Manuel Antonio National Park Tour: Manuel Antonio is also in the top 3 destinations of Costa Rica, definitely a place not to be missed because it was rated as one of the 10 most beautiful in the world. This tour includes walking on the trails of the national park where seeing wild animals of the rainforest is very common, the ones we see the most are sloths, monkeys, iguanas, agoutis and lots of birds. At the end of this hike the visitors would have time to swim in the beautiful Manuel Antonio Beach; this is the best part of the tour to many of the tourists.

manuel antonio national park tour

Sloth Sanctuary and Caribbean Beaches tour: We consider this tour as one of the top 5 because it goes to the famous Sloth Sanctuary that is featured in a TV show in Animal Planet called “Meet the Sloths”. Seeing sloths is becoming “a fashion” in Costa Rica, nowadays we have lots and lots of tourists whose main interest is to observe these cute rainforest animals. This tour also visits the beautiful Cahuita National Park where is common to observe wildlife on its trails, and the visitors would have some time to swim in the warm waters of Cahuita Beach. An interesting part of our culture is also experienced on this tour, since the Caribbean Culture of Costa Rica is very different than the rest of the country, because of the African-Jamaican influence of the inhabitants of this region.

sloth sanctuary and caribbean beaches tour

San Jose Adventure Tour: San Jose is not known as an adventure destination, but we know that there are lots of people who come to experience the Costa Rica Adventure tours that everybody talks about, and this is the main reason why we have created this tour. The tour is actually done in the foothills of the Arenal Volcano area, so the participants will not only be a part of the great adventures, but also will be traveling to the Most Popular Touristic Destination of Costa Rica. This tour is a combo that includes horseback riding at the base of the volcano, zip lining in the rainforest forest, rappelling over the Arenal River and white water tubing, the highlight of this trip. As added value we have included a visit to the Arenal Hot Springs for you to relax after all these adventures. This is the combo tour from San Jose that includes more adventure activities.

san jose adventure tour

This is some information about the Top 5 tours offered from San Jose Costa Rica, ideal for those who want to explore a lot but don’t have lots of time. Take your time to explore the best tour for you, book one and enjoy!

best tours offered from San Jose Costa Rica that include nature adventure rainforest cloudforest and beaches

30 Nov 2017
Andrey S