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Top 5 Tours From Guanacaste

This blog is mainly for those tourists traveling to the North Pacific Region of Costa Rica. If you are staying there, we highly recommend taking a look at these Top 5 Tours from Guanacaste; these are the Best Things to do in that area. The Guanacaste Region is known as the Beach Resort’s area of Costa Rica, this is the sunniest and driest part of the country with a very well-marked dry season that goes from the beginning of November until mid-May. This part of the country is ideal for those looking for a Relaxing Costa Rica Beach Vacation, rather than an Adventure Trip in Costa Rica with a lot of exploring. For those who choose the beach vacation and want to do some exploring, these are our Top 5 Recommended Tours from Guanacaste.

these are the best things to do in the guanacaste area

Miravalles Volcano & Waterfalls Combo Tour: This is the Combo Tour from Guanacaste where you will be able to see and do all of those things that tourists look for when traveling to Costa Rica and make our country a famous Eco-touristic destination around the world: Our Rainforests, Waterfalls, Hot Springs & Wildlife. The tour starts with a drive towards the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range, where the Miravalles Volcano is located. On the way there you would stop in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica called “Llanos del Cortes”, where you would have a little time for swimming and taking pictures. The tour continues until you reach the foothills of the Miravalles Volcano, where most of the tour takes place. Here you would do a horseback riding tour where you will get great views of the Guanacaste lowlands, as well as the Rainforests and mountains of this area. At the end of the horse riding you will do a short walk in the rainforest, where you would be able to see 2 beautiful waterfalls. Following would be the main attraction of this tour, the walk on the main crater of Miravalles Volcano, which is a living active volcano crater. At this crater you will be able to feel the volcanic activity under your feet; there are many vents where you can feel the steam coming out of the ground, as well as seeing mud pots, fumaroles and bubbling water. Here at the crater you can put on your bathing suit and do a mud bath, this is the real-deal, a mud bath inside a volcanic crater! This tour also includes a natural sauna, which is actually a large volcanic fumarole with a building on top of it. Hot Springs can also be enjoyed during this tour, and sometimes a fun waterslide, but only if the water level at a creek is big enough for the use of this slide.

miravalles volcano & waterfalls combo tour in costa rica

Arenal Volcano Tour: We highly recommend this tour because Arenal is the main touristic area of Costa Rica, where the travelers would be able to tell the dramatic differences between the dry tropical forest where the Guanacaste Resorts are located and the lush-green Rainforests of the Arenal Volcano area. We offer multiple options to visit this region of the country, one of them for the most adventurous, another one to observe the best attractions of Arenal and one that is the standard tour that only visits the area and its hot springs. The Adventure Tour to Arenal includes doing horseback riding at the base of the volcano; zip lining in the rainforest; rappelling over the Arenal River; White Water Tubing and a visit to the famous Arenal Hot Springs. The one that includes the Best Attractions in Arenal goes to the Arenal Hanging Bridges; La Fortuna Waterfall to admire the rainforest and for swimming at the waterfall; and of course it goes to the Hot Springs too. On the Arenal Standard Tour from Guanacaste you would basically do a walk in the rainforest of the area, as well as visiting the Arenal Hot Springs.

make sure to visit the arenal volcano area on your next costa rica vacation

Guanacaste Rainforest Tour: This tour is recommended as one of the best options to admire the Tropical Rainforest of Costa Rica for those who decide to stay at the Guanacaste Beach Resorts. This tour would take you to the hanging bridges of the Tenorio Volcano National Park area, a beautiful rural destination of the North Pacific Region. From the hanging bridges and from the trails the visitors can admire the lush vegetation and the wildlife of this part of the country. This tour also includes going to a beautiful botanical garden where plants of our rainforest can be seen in detail, as well as some colorful frogs of Costa Rica; and includes a visit to an animal rescue center where you will be able to see several species of animals’ native of Costa Rica, including the impressive jaguar and puma. As added value to this excursion, you would visit the gorgeous “Llanos del Cortes” Waterfall, one of the most beautiful of our country.

the guanacaste rainforest tour is a great option when traveling to costa rica

Aqua Combo Tour: Water activities are the most popular around the Guanacaste Beaches area, and the aqua combo is the best option to enjoy of the Guanacaste Coastline. This tour is available from the Papagayo Gulf area Resorts and the Flamingo-Tamarindo Beach area Resorts too. This tour includes a boat ride along the Guanacaste Coastline, where you will do snorkeling in one of the best spots of the area. An isolated beach will be visited for you to enjoy of some beach time away from everything and the tour includes doing some bottom fishing that is very fun to catch something for dinner.

water activities tour in guanacaste including snorkelling fishing beach time

Guachipelin Adventure Tour: This is the last of the Top 5 Tours from Guanacaste that we will recommend, the absolutely best option for those looking to do adventure activities near the Guanacaste Beach Resorts. This tour is done at the foothills of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park, a beautiful wilderness area of the North Pacific Region of Costa Rica. The tour starts by doing zip lining in a canyon, quite an unique experience, there are very few canopy tours in Costa Rica that are done in a setting like this. Right in between the zip lining tour a rappel line would be done, a rock climb with the help of the guides for those who have trouble climbing rock walls and 2 Tarzan swings are done during this 2 hour activity. Later on you would get on a horse to do a horseback riding tour in the forest, visiting some of the nice natural settings of this park. But the best part of this One Day Adventure is the white water tubing tour, an adrenaline activity not to be missed if you enjoy of adventurous-fun stuff. This tubing tour is done in the Rio Negro River, it has many fun rapids and it lasts about 1.5-2 hours, going in a small canyon surrounded by beautiful tropical forest where is very common to see Wild Animals of Costa Rica. This tour includes lunch at the “Hacienda” style restaurant and going to the hot springs near the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park, where you can relax and even do a mud bath if you wish.

the absolutely best option for those looking to do adventure activities near the guanacaste beach resorts

This is a briefing of the ones we consider as the Top 5 Tours from Guanacaste, but there are many other different options that you can take a look, we wish you the best time during your Vacation in Costa Rica!

these are the top 5 activities to do from the guanacaste beach resorts

15 Aug 2018
Andrey S