Most popular touristic destinations of Costa Rica
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Costa Rica’s Top Destinations

Our country has become very popular for international tourists from all over the world in the past couple decades, and due to this, the touristic sector have had a huge boom in some key areas of the territory. Here we will give you a list of those Costa Rica’s Top Destinations that had already built a brand name of its own:

considered as the must see destination of Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano – La Fortuna area: This one is considered as the “must see” destination of Costa Rica, a very high percentage of the visitors of the country pass through this particular region, perhaps I would dare to say that almost every tourist that comes to Costa Rica goes to Arenal or at least had heard of it. This touristic destination is very well developed, featuring lots of hotels with all price ranges; restaurants and activities for all ages located on the surrounding areas of the scenic-conic shaped Arenal Volcano.

National Park that features a unique contrast between its light color beaches and its lush rainforests full of wildlife

Manuel Antonio: This area became famous for its National Park that features a unique contrast between its light-color beaches and its lush rainforests full of wildlife. The Manuel Antonio Beach area has a very good touristic infrastructure, with good roads everywhere you go, lots of lodging options from hostels to luxury hotels, lots of restaurants and activities for the visitors. The main attractions are the beach and the National Park, but the rainforest-mountains close to this region are very beautiful too, as a matter of fact, many of the emerging activities offered from Manuel Antonio take place on these mountains, because of the astonishing beauty of them, with lush rainforests, lots of waterfalls, and other natural attractions.

beautiful monteverde cloud forest area in costa rica

Monteverde: This area of the country became very famous because of its cloud forest and the hanging bridges built inside of it. The main center of population is called Santa Elena, a small rural Costa Rican town where the temperature is cool all year round and is surrounded by cloud forest vegetation. This is also a well-developed touristic area, featuring many hotels, restaurants, shops and activities. The only negative point about Monteverde is the roads to get there, because for those who wish to visit this region, you must be prepared to be on bad-gravel roads for about 1 – 2 hours. The roads around the town of Santa Elena are also bad to get to the places where the tours take place, but those are very short drives, because all of the activities take place in a small concentrated area.

guanacaste features very beautiful beaches

Guanacaste: This area is famous because of its beaches, resorts and dry weather; a place mostly recommended for those seeking for a beach vacation without doing exploration around, because is very far from the other main touristic destinations of the country. Guanacaste features very beautiful beaches in its long coastline, with endless options for lodging of all types, in the many beaches and towns of this North Pacific Region of Costa Rica.

main touristic areas of costa rica

22 Oct 2015
Andrey S