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Uvita Beach

uvita beach is one the emerging beach touristic destinations of costa rica,

Uvita Beach is one the emerging beach touristic destinations of Costa Rica, not as famous as its neighbors Jaco Beach and Manuel Antonio National Park, but every year is becoming more popular, having bigger numbers of visitors especially during the whale watching seasons.

rainforest beaches in costa rica

For many decades the bad infrastructure of the area limited the fluent development of tourism, but with the completion of the coastal highway, more and more touristic businesses and attractions are popping up in this beautiful rainforest and beach area.

best spot for the observation of whales in costa rica

The main attraction of Uvita Beach is its Marino Ballena National Park, well known in Costa Rica to be the absolutely best spot for the observation of whales in the whole country. Many tourists from all over the world, as well as Costa Rican tourists and scientists come to this area between the months of August and November to see the thousands of whales that approach close to shore, where is very easy to observe them at a close distance from any of the many boats that offer whale watching tours in this area. The other season for whale watching is between the months of January and April.

uvita beach is a good place to see whales

But Uvita Beach is not only a good place to see whales, there are several other things that can be enjoyed here, like the many beaches of the surrounding areas, most of them pretty much unexplored. Visitors have told us in the past that the part they really liked about Uvita was the fact that NOBODY else was in the entire beach where they were enjoying with their companions, giving them the feeling of being in the most remote place of Earth (and that’s exactly what many people search for during their vacation…).

good chances of seeing the local wildlife during the tours

Among the many other things to be enjoyed in Uvita are the adventure activities; the coastal mountain range which is literally next to Uvita, provides a very broken terrain that turns perfect for the practice of waterfall rappelling for example, ATV tours, hiking etc. Another plus while doing those activities is the good chances of seeing the local wildlife during the tours, because the mountains of the Coastal Mountain Range are covered with lush-beautiful rainforests, home to a tremendous amount of species of animals, like sloths, white faced capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, iguanas, coatimundis, agoutis, parrots, parakeets, ant eaters, and thousands of local and migratory birds.

beautiful uvita beach in the pacific of costa rica


29 Nov 2015
Andrey S