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Cahuita National Park

the most lush-exuberant vegetation in all costa rica

Cahuita National Park is one the natural jewels of the Caribbean Region of Costa Rica. This place is a beautiful combination of gold color sand and rainforest everywhere around its gorgeous beaches. The park has well maintained nature trails surrounded by the most lush-exuberant vegetation in all Costa Rica; with wildlife present everywhere you look.

very peaceful beach in costa rica with calm waters

The best and most unique area of this park is the end tip of its peninsula, a place that I can only use the word “paradise” to describe it. The place can be reached by foot on one of the park’s trails, where one can spend the entire day immersed in its calm-turquoise waters, a very nice place to relax and forget about the world, because the surroundings are very peaceful and the waters very calm, sort of like natural swimming pools.

beautiful nature in the costa rica rainforest

For those who like hiking in nature, the park has long trails where one can spend hours walking and enjoying of its beautiful nature, and can count on seeing many species of different animals; the most common would be white faced capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, sloths, butterflies, coatimundis, toucans, among many others.

local food is another main attraction in costa rica

For those who also enjoy of the local culture in remote areas like this one, the town of Cahuita is right next to the National park, a small town that offers a very different perspective of the culture in the rest of Costa Rica, mainly influenced by the Afro-American culture that we inherited from the Jamaicans who came many decades ago; and from the people of the native indigenous tribes. The local food is another main attraction, because the culinary traditions are very different from the rest of the country; most of these Caribbean dishes are prepared with coconut oil, acquiring a delicious taste only found in the Province of Limon.

tour for observation and appreciation of nature in costa rica

Tourism is just starting to take off in these towns, but the area already has a good amount of activities for the visitor’s enjoyment. On the adventure side there are zip lining tours and horseback ring tours; but the strength of this area is the observation and appreciation of nature, being the most popular the hikes in the National Park, the snorkeling tours, visits to the animal rescue centers and bird watching. For those who seek a cultural experience of the roots of the Costa Ricans, tours to the native indigenous tribes are offered near Cahuita National Park too.

best rainforest tours in costa rica

06 Nov 2015
Andrey S